MS Dhoni- An Asset or a Liability Today

MS Dhoni- An Asset or a Liability Today

There can not be enough words about Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s contribution to the Indian cricket team. The Indian cricket team was always playing good cricket, but they were staggering in the final phase every time.

Then MS Dhoni came and our team’s trophy cabinet was completed and there was also an update. Their skills behind the wicket will be a reference for the next generations.

However, with the World Cup in a few months, Dhoni’s role in the team has come under the scanner. The main reason for this is not being able to do well with Dhoni’s bat. For the World Cup the new wicketkeeper will be risky and therefore Dhoni and the team management will have to sit and the team will have to clarify the responsibilities of the World Cup-winning captain.

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MS Dhoni: Asset?

There is no doubt that Dhoni’s talent with the bat is just one inning away. After finishing many matches for India, MS Dhoni’s experience will be important for the team’s performance. Behind the wicket, the player of Jharkhand can save a lot of runs, can complete the fantastic catch and some non-run runs can also affect.

Being the best captain built by India, MS Dhoni’s suggestion of Virat Kohli will be pure gold when the team is under pressure. Compared to MS Dhoni, there is no better cricketer in reading the game, and the young players in the team will have a positive atmosphere in the changing room with their input. These factors will not see the selectors as far away from Dhoni as the World Cup.

MS Dhoni: A liability?

MS Dhoni has lost his touch with the bat in recent times. He is batting on a bad strike and is reaching a crucial turning point. Their big sixes are becoming rare and their fast race between wickets only reminds Dhoni off the first time.

Along with his issue of Indian middle class, Dhoni’s poor form is increasing more concerns for management. Apart from rare hiccups with gloves, Dhoni will not be a concern to the wickets. If Dhoni can locate his previous form in the forthcoming matches, then the team management will be relieved of the relief.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule is out and there is still no decision on whether Ms. Dhoni will be able to deliver the performance on his side for the team or not.

Final Conclusion:

Dhoni is only a few runs away from a good score. With its tremendous experience as a cricketer and a wicketkeeper, it will be wise to continue with the MS World Cup.

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the greatest wicket-keeper batsman and captain India has ever built. However, with the coming closer to the 2019 World Cup, their position in the team is being questioned …

With the World Cup around the corner, India is starting to finalize its squad and the best playing XI. In the middle order of India, there is a dispute bone for the selectors. In the last few years, we have seen that India is winning the game completely due to the superb performance of its top three batsmen.

The problem arises when the mid-order is exposed very quickly. In the Asia Cup and against the West Indies, when we saw the top-order collapse, the batsmen looked to struggle with the expectations. This incompatibility can be partly attributed to the fact that MS Dhoni, one of the best finishers of world cricket, has not been able to live up to his reputation for a long time.

More often than not, we see that Dhoni takes his time to the crease and becomes habituated for the circumstances – but the trademark late-stage acceleration is lost. He is making a score of 20 and 30 to set himself up, but if he needs big shots he loses his wicket right. Take Asia Cups for example; Dhoni came in a time when Dinesh Karthik was caught in the middle with some wickets falling and he had worked hard.

Just when Dhoni looked like his old self, he lost his wicket. After consuming a lot of balls, Dhoni’s pressure came back to India due to Dhoni’s dismissal. Generally, Dhoni is associated with the role of finishing because in his locker there are all big shots, but the experienced has struggled to find his touch and maintain the necessary run-rate.

Dhoni has named his position of number 5 in the last 5 years, but his match-winning form has been lost and it is taking the Indian team as a whole. Nine times out of ten, they will perform their top ranks – but if they do not play a big match like the Champions Trophy final, then no one will be left behind. However, it is not ideal to drop Dhoni because he is so close to the World Cup that he brings to the team.

The former captain has also been sensational behind the stump when his batting has declined. Dhoni improved his leap and there was no sharp and clever person like him in the international circuit. In the case of stumping and catching, he is not behind anyone – and even though he is no longer the captain, his reading of the game is still remarkable. During the captaincy of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, Dhoni gave valuable advice on the balance in the game. Whether it is a bowling change or fielding placement, it works more often in favor of the team than not.

2019 cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony is going to very soon and India is yet to make a decision on their senior most player.

The CWC 2019 Schedule may be the last schedule for the MSD as his retirement is almost confirmed after this world cup 2019.

During the World Cup, especially in tight matches, MS Dhoni’s experience will be a property for India. His presence on the pitch will have a calming effect on the rest of the team.

However, the problem will get worse if he continues to bat in a great way. India will suffer a lot because they will struggle to stop an innings with the necessary confidence – which will give them less than twenty to thirty runs from their desired total. Let’s hope for the sake of cricket that legend has another move on his sleeve and closes his career with another memorable World Cup.

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